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Laser Partners of Oklahoma, Inc.
Treatment Modality
Technology Options
Hair Removal
(All skin types)
Candela GentleLASE (755 Alexandrite)
Advantage Diode LHR (810 Diode)
Long-Pulse Nd:YAG Laser (darker skin types)
Pulsed Light 650-950 nm module
Skin Rejuvenation
Photofacial IPL - Advanced Florescent Light
Micro-Needling Device
Candela VBeam (595 nm PDL)
KTP 532nm
Sciton Profile / Joule BBL  
Fractional Resurfacing
Micro-Needling Device with Bi-polar RF
Pixel Erbium (2940 nm) 
SmartXide DOT CO2 (10,600 nm)
Equinox CO2 (10,600 nm)
Fraxel SR 1550 (non-ablative)
Tattoo Removal
HOYA ConBio MedLite C-6 Q-Switched YAG (532/585/650/1064 nm) 
Alma Q-switched YAG (1064/532 nm)
Pigmented / Vascular Lesions
HOYA ConBio MedLite C-6 (532/1064 nm)
Candela GentleLASE (755 Alexandrite)
Harmony IPL & Nd:YAG (500-1064 nm) 
Candela VBeam (595 nm PDL)
Leg / Facial Veins
Nd:YAG (1064 nm)
Candela VBeam (595 nm PDL)
Nail Fungus
Fungi-X Clear LP / QS Nd:YAG (1064 nm)
Body Contouring
Viora Reaction RF
Viora VFORM (Multi-Frequency RF 3mm-18mm)
Coolsculpting Cryolipolysis System
VShape RF Unipolar Cellulite System
Skin Tightening
Viora ST (Face & Body)
BiPolar & Monopolar Radio-Frequency
NIR (Near-Infrared Technology)

Feminine Rejuvenation

Viora ST Vaginal Tightening (external only)

Rental Services by Technology

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